Customer Service

Membership Infomation

All users of "SHOEMAKKER" may use all the service on a free by completing the membership subscription forms and agreeing to the privacy policy, the customer can immediately benefit from according services offered to members.
Members will not be required to re-enter their shipping or billing addresses every time they place an order and be eligible to participate in group purchase and other promotions


The order is processed as below :
Step 1: Search for products
Step 2: Add on Basket
Step 3: Log-in or do non-member order
Step 4: Prepare the ordering form
Step 5: Make the payment with slected method
Step 6: Completion of order page(Order No.)
Make sure you have selected right options, enter your billing and shipping addresses and select a payment method.
In case of placing non-member orders, please make a note of your order number and confirmation number(when paying by credit card). For members, there is no need for making memos as these numbers will be recorded into your account automatically.

Payment Information

We accept PayPal / credit cards via PayPal. (No account required)/ Western-uinon/ Bank wire transfer
As for the payments of Western-union / Bank wire transfer, this case of methods are restricted to refund of cancellation(included partial,sold out, and any other reason which related puchasing) but, it may be replaced to reseve money as your deposit.
Bank wire transfer will be taken more time to be confirmed by Bank situation.
We recomend you Paypal


Shipping & Handling

Shipping method :  EMS (Express Mail Service), AirMail, SAR(Flat Small Packet)with buyers Charge.
Shipment destiny :  Whole countires that covered by Korean carrier
Shipping cost : Shipping rates used for each purchase weight different with countries and methods, pls. check Shipping cost
Shipping period : Your items will be disaptched within 5~7business days from Korea
Estimated shipping days(From Korea to Your place) : EMS Shipping 2~5 business days with tracking number, AirMail(SAR) Shipping 9-14 business days with tracking number
One day delivery is not available.

* SAR Shipping is not available A/R(Advise of delivery) Service by your local delivery.

*Please take into consideration that the products of your order may be unavailable or delayed in manufacturing due to conditions of materials or manufacturer.


Exchange / Return / Refund for Discount Shop and Buying service.

Please  make sure you have selected right options(e.g. size, color and quantity) prior to completing the order
Requesting any replacement to our Customer service( CONTACT US), should be made within 7 days with stating regarding causes or reasons. 
Customers should bear any shipping fees for replacements/returns due to "change of minds".
Any requests for a replacement to another item shall be deemed as change of mind.
For replacement, please specify the cause and your intent of replacement and apply for replacement to the customer service.
if there is a problem on the goods or in the case of replacement or return of goods by any mistake of SHOEMAKKER, the delivery fees shall be borne by us.
In the case of faulty goods, only replacement to the same size and/or same color is accepted, but, we are not sure its availalble, we will refund you in case of out of stock.

[Eligible for refund]
- Products that are out of stock
- Misdelivered orders
- Defective products
- Refund requests for the cases stated above are accepted only on condition that the products’ labels and tags are intact and products have not been tried on)
[Refund process]
-Refund of out-of-stock products ( Product order can be sold out later or in the middle of ordering, due to the differnt time and supplyers condition )
*Single& muiti product order : SHOEMAKKER will contact you via your registerd e-mail, customer can decide the payment leave it as your credit or refund. 
-Refund of mis-delivered or defective products
Please contact our Customer center for the refund request including detailed pictures of mis-delievered or defective products.
Our customer service will shortly contact you upon checking on your request.
 [Method of replacement & refund]
Apply for replacement or return to our customer center and follow our instruction for exchange/return/refund